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Remington Competition stock - Kroseg Precision

The new standard in carbon fibre rifle stocks.



Please note: Our stocks are not currently available for purchase online.

Please click on the stock you are interested in and use the quote form to contact us for pricing and details.

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Remington Tactical stock - Kroseg Precision
Remington Hunter stock - Kroseg Precision
Remington Competition stock - Kroseg Precision
Tikka Tactical stock - Kroseg Precision
Tikka Competition Stock
Sako Hunter stock - Kroseg Precision
Sako Competition Stock - Kroseg Precision
Howa Mini Hunter stock - Kroseg Precision

Founded by Dan Hardy and Kaytie Goode, Kroseg Precision is a sister company to Hardy Rifle Engineering. We acquired Hi-Tec Composites in 2022 to compliment Hardy Rifle’s capabilities and further develop the carbon fibre stock manufacturing business.


With outstanding quality and customer service at the heart of all that we do, we are dedicated and extremely proud to bring a new standard of premium carbon fibre rifle stocks to the world and further New Zealand’s reputation of being a world class manufacturer in the firearms industry.

Leveraging off our established supply and distribution network we aim to lead the way with extensive knowledge of the industry together with significant experience in producing products that represent only the finest in firearms and accessories.


We look forward to engaging with you for your requirements and feedback about what truly makes a world class rifle stock.

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