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Kroseg Precision bring you the new standard in carbon fibre rifle stocks. Product designed for the hunter or competitive shooter that want a

lightweight, yet rigid, platform.

Each stock is hand laminated with prepreg carbon including structural layers of unidirectional carbon running the length of the stock, dramatically stiffening the construction. All stocks are laid up inside CNC cut aluminium moulds and cured at high temperatures to ensure quality and consistency.

We use two different types of fill inside each stock. A lightweight closed cell in the forend and butt, and a structural closed cell in the action bedding area. Using a closed cell fill is extremely important to stop oils and other moisture getting in. The choice to use two different fills ensures that we manufacture a product with optimised weight characteristics without sacrificing strength.

Each stock comes with a microcell recoil pad as well as your choice of flush cups or sling studs. We can fit a bipod picatinny rail or Spartan mounts by request. We also offer a range of functional paint options, accompanied with a soft touch coating.

Kroseg Precision prides itself on producing a premium product that will exceed your expectations. We have worked extremely hard to raise the standards of carbon stock manufacture and we will continue to do so. 

This being said, working with carbon fibre and the stock core material is no easy feat. All materials that we choose to use in the manufacture of our stocks come with a raft of challenges such as thermal expansion and resin consistency, not to mention the machining of the finished stock blank.  

We do our best to ensure the fit and finish is to the highest standard but due to the nature of the materials, small visual defects can sometimes be found. These present themselves in the form of small voids primarily on sharp corners and/or down the seam of the stock. Small pinholes can sometimes be seen elsewhere on the exterior and interior of the stock also. None of the above voids restrict or reduce the functional capability or performance of the finished product. 

We are 100% committed to producing world leading product and even though these small defects are purely cosmetic, we will continue to invest in reducing these with the end result of creating perfection!

Kind regards, the Kroseg Team.


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